Welcome Fellow Readers and Writers,


I am finally getting around to posting my first blog. About time, most of my readers have said. Sorry it took so long. Things have been busy around here! Christmas is coming up fast, and while we look forward to it, hustle and bustle ensues.

I am planning blog posts for the first and third Mondays of the month, and they will be on a variety of topics. I welcome suggestions for topics to cover and responses to what I write. You may leave input here or contact me at If you have my private email, you may contact me there.

I have gotten some very positive input regarding Our Haunted House from both children and adults. Thank you all for emailing me, talking to me in person, or leaving reviews on It is quite helpful if you leave a review. (Hint. Hint.) Amazon does keep track of them. Jessica Frey was the first person to review this book on Amazon. You, Jessica, get a special prize for that! To the children who requested sequels, yes, there will be a sequel. I already have the outline of the book done.

According to Jon Evans, JonEvans@techcrunch, in his blog titled, Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Writers, the average American reads only 6.5 to 17 books each year. Over a seventy-year life span, that comes to between 455 and 1190 books per person. Since there are millions of books to choose from and new ones coming out all the time, I thank all of you who chose to buy mine.

I am currently at work on a book of romantic suspense for adults. The characters are the grown-up children from Our Haunted House. Look for a free first chapter in the next couple of months, hopefully by February, and feel free to comment. Until the next blog, I will be working judiciously on my books.

Keep reading and writing,